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Not to be confused with VuIcannaAshFan (user).

Amethystis "VuIcannaAshFan" Zarines is the titular character of VuIcannaAshFan's Adventures. She is a demon who is noted for the production of vulcannophyll, which allows her to use her Synth Boost. She can also use the Spin Dash, a move usually restricted to characters within the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Her backstory HailKyaBear posted has indicated that her birth place was in Synth City.



Normal form

Amethystis is an audysmal with muted purple skin and pointed horns, each with an orb at the tip. She has brown eyes with yellow sclerae and wears a dark purple jacket with a pastel purple shirt with a heart logo underneath. She also wears denim shorts, a purple scarf, and purple starry sneakers. Her hair is tied in a ponytail.

Synthy form

Synthy Amethystis's color scheme for her outfit is dark gray and purple. She wears a dark gray jacket with a purple shirt and has a skirt with a purple stripe on it. Her boots are dark gray with bright purple accents and she is seen wearing bracelets or a futuristic screen. She also has a glowing tail in the shape of a musical note.


Amethystis has an energetic personality and is willing to use her powers in difficult situations. She has been shown to be careless with her abilities, especially her Synth Boost, as seen in VuIcannaAshFan's Adventures 1.


Amethystis has a wide range of powers, most of them based around synth or cyberpunk themes.

Synth Boost

Shown in VuIcannaAshFan's Adventures, this ability allows Amethystis to move at a high speed than what is achieved by running. However, this drains vulcannophyll, a protein that she stores and produces through eating.

Synth Aura

Amethystis' counterpart to the deflector shield, this is usually used by her to deflect beams. Larger auras will require energy and vulcannophyll. It can also make room for more than one person at a time.

Synth Hologram

This allows Amethystis to see a part or a whole of an object and summon it at her discretion. This ability is mainly used to fix things.

Spin Dash

Usually restricted to characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, this lets the user curl up into a ball and take off in a specific direction at an extremely fast speed.

Synth Kick

This ability allows Amethystis to deliver multiple kicks at a fast pace.


Amethystis also has a Synthy form that is accessed through transformation. Her Synthy attire is significantly different from what she usually wears, with her sneakers being replaced by more futuristic-looking boots and a dark gray jacket. She is also seen wearing futuristic glasses.