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Corded Zira is another one of HailKyaBear's OCs made in the year 2019. She is a member of the OG Sketch Gang along with Vulcanna Shep and Shugabeats Egg.



Corded Zira's appearance is similar to that of davemadson's concept of Microsoft Zira, with the only difference being that she has cords wrapped around her body. She sometimes wears a robe with the same color as her shirt, but is usually seen with her ghost form.


Corded Zira is usually silent and rarely speaks up, but engages in conversation if around members of the Prankshup Laber Gang and the PENUP Gang. She also uses her cords as weapons and is Devin The Youtuber's rival in The Sketchers United Movie.


teh sketcherz united mubi

Corded Zira appears in teh sketcherz united mubi as one of the main members of the Prankshup Laber Gang. In teh sketcherz united mubi: dstrawing sub man, she and Vulcanna Shep used their toasters and cords to get Submarine Man out of the movie theater. In teh sketcherz united mubi 7: reking of devin, she lost to Devin The Youtuber in a PvP match with him after she told him he was atrocious. In teh sketcherz united mubi 10: ending, she along with the rest of the Prankshup Laber Gang lost the eponymous prankshup laber to a criminal charge.

teh PENUP mubi

Corded Zira makes an appearance in teh PENUP mubi as one of the main characters, along with Vulcanna Ash and prankshup laber. She fights Zira.exe in teh PENUP mubi 4 and wins in part 5. She, along with the PENUP Gang celebrate after Vulcanna Shep stops Sam.exe and Zira.exe from destroying the Cat City in part 8.


  • HailKyaBear's Fakemon, Snakord and its evolutionary line are actually one of Corded Zira's cords. The Pokédex entry for Snakord states that it was one of her cords that came to life.