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Elements are a key mechanic used in games like My Singing Monsters, Lunime's Gacha titles (Gacha Club, Gacha World, etc.), and DragonVale. They are usually limited to water, wind, fire, light, and dark, but additional elements can also be added to this set of elements as well.

My Singing Monsters

Elements are one of the key mechanics of My Singing Monsters. Elements determine what Monster will be on an island and are divided into several categories: Natural, Ethereal, Legendary, Magical, Seasonal, Supernatural, Mythical, and Dipster. They are primarily used when breeding Monsters. Elements will determine what the Monster will be when it is bred from two selected Monsters using the Breeding Structure.

Lunime's Gacha games

Lunime's Gacha games like Gacha World, Gacha Resort, and Gacha Club have elements as their key battle mechanic. Units are usually themed around their elements and have attacks based on their element. Elements determine whether a unit is effective against another element or weak against an element.


DragonVale has elements as its core mechanic of the game. Elements are used in functions like breeding, boosts, and elemental shrines. Dragons are determined by their elements and determine whether or not the dragon can be bred. Whether or not a dragon has Rift traits determine their appearance after they are bred using Rift element dragons.

HailKyaBear's universe

Elements were first introduced in VuIcannaAshFan's Adventures 18. Elements are divided into several categories: Natural, Forces, Aesthetic, Musical, Digital, Rift, Cataclysmite, and Seasonal. Characters can also have more than one element at once (with the exception of Seasonals); however, this amount is limited to four. The border color of a unit's portrait is determined by the elements a unit has, with double-element units having halves of their border represent their elements, triple-element units having two squares and a rectangle, and quad-element units having their border divided into quadrants.

Natural elements

Natural elements are based off of wind, fire, water, and crystals, while Forces are based off of the forces of light and dark.

Aesthetic elements

Aesthetic elements are themed around aesthetics, hence their name.

Musical elements

Musical elements are based off of musical instruments, like Synth.

Digital elements

Digital elements are based off of hi-tech motifs and futuristic themes, like Cyberpunk.


Rift is an element that is based off of the DragonVale element of the same name and has its own category.

Cataclysmite elements

Cataclysmite elements are elements based off of the Rift Dimension. Elements determine if a unit in battle is effective or weak against another element.

Seasonal elements

Seasonal elements are based off of particular times of the year. Seasonal units can only have one element and they cannot be double, triple, or quad-element units.