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Gala (formerly guythewhite360) is VuIcannaAshFan's former self-insert PENUP OC when her PENUP alias was guythewhite360, before it was changed to NotHelenaStoker. She first appeared in The Lost Sketches as the deuteragonist and The PENUP Movie 2 as a protagonist and antagonist.




Gala wears a sleeveless dark gray jacket with buttons on it, a light cyan tie, a white halter top, and a dark gray skirt with a cyan stripe. Her wings and halo are holograms, with her wings taking on a more rectangular and pointed form. She wears dark gray boots with cyan accents. Her sleeves have screens on them and their accents are a glowing cyan.


Corrupted Gala takes on a color scheme composed of dark purples and bright pinks. Her jacket and tie are partially torn at the bottom and her halo is replaced by a pair of holographic bright pink demon horns. Her wings and sleeve accents are a glowing bright pink. Her skirt and boots are also dark purple with bright pink accents.


Hallowed Gala takes on a pink color scheme of that of the Hallow from Terraria, with her holographic unicorn horn taking the place of her halo and fairy wings taking the place of her usual wings. Her hair is a dark pink and she wears a pastel pink sweater, a white skirt with a pink stripe, and white boots with pink accents.


The Lost Sketches

"We might need to tread the city grounds with caution."
This section contains spoilers of a series.

In The Lost Sketches, Gala first appeared in Mysteries, where she is seen in the living room of the PENUP City Headquarters after Corded Zira finished watching the news on the TV, which was the only thing working after a mysterious power outage. After Corded Zira tells her about an odd city that may be the cause of the outage, Gala decides to go there to see if the residents were really to blame.

Upon arriving at the City of the Past and Present, Gala cautioned Corded Zira against the both of them recklessly trampling the city grounds. The two then find Fake Vulcanna Ash, who later finds guythewhite360's banner and the three manage to work together as a team.

After entering one of the buildings, guythewhite360 noticed a strange aura emanating from Corded Zira and she finds out that the aura is corrupting the city. In another one of the city buildings, Corded Zira finds a corrupted sketch and alerts guythewhite360 about it. guythewhite360 inspects the sketch and concludes by saying that the sketch will cause the power grid to malfunction.

While Gala is traveling to find the next sketch, she notices a strange being walking towards her. She attempts to call Fake Vulcanna Ash to see what that being was, but the city's signals caused her phone to malfunction, forcing her to use her radio necklace. Upon entering the mall, Corded Zira calls her and guythewhite360 answers. Corded Zira revealed to her that the strange beings were actually remnants of the Black Goo, who took possession of Ozma and turned him against his brother, who worried and cared for him deeply.

Gala later struggles with her past names she had on Sketchers United and PENUP, and then goes out of her way to reverse what just happened. Corded Zira tells her to grab the sketch hanging from the ceiling as quickly as possible and flee the city altogether. The three arrive at the PENUP City Mall, where Corded Zira reveals to guythewhite360 that the grayscale city is actually named the City of the Past and Present.

teh penup mubi 2

Gala returns in teh penup mubi 2 as the main character, but later revealed to be an antagonist along with Sam.exe. She first appeared in Welcome to the City, and later revealed to be the antagonist in Corrupted guythewhite360.


  • When corrupted, her left eye changes color.
  • On February 27, 2021, she received a redesign. The hair was made longer and her corrupted form doesn't receive any new changed.
  • On March 31, 2021, her hallowed form was teased in a WIP. The first WIP suggested that Gala was originally intended to have a crimtane form to go along with her corrupted counterpart, but it was scrapped and the hallowed form was chosen for the drawing.
  • On August 4, 2021, she received a major redesign and was given a cyberpunk outfit. She received another redesign on November 7, 2021.