HailKyaBear's World Wiki

Shugabeats Egg's World was a Google Sites wiki that was supposed to be about HailKyaBear, her OCs, and her favorite characters, especially davemadson characters. It was created on August 19, 2020 and was eventually abandoned in favor of HailKyaBear's World Wiki, which is a FANDOM wiki. On October 3, 2020, the site was deleted by HailKyaBear herself.

Why Vulcanna Ash Would Send This Wiki to Hades

  1. The wiki was created using the new Google Sites, and due to the limitations of site builders, there is no category system for pages nor can you edit the pages themselves.
  2. No up-to-date info on guythewhite360's page.
  3. The Movies page also isn't updated with the most recent movies HailKyaBear has created.
  4. The Characters page did not contain any of the links to pages of the characters listed there; they were merged into one single page and looks slightly unorganized.
  5. No collapsible text for the Glossary of terms page, thus making the page too long to read.
  6. There was no theme designer for the wiki; the colors cannot be customized nor can the background stay in one place (again, due to site builder limitations).
  7. Back when this wiki was founded, HailKyaBear acted as if she was too cowardly to publish the site or start a wiki on sites like FANDOM or Miraheze.

When an Anti-Bandita Stoker Hater Squad Flag Can Be Planted

  1. This was HailKyaBear's first wiki she founded and she had accepted the Reception Wikis way before this wiki was founded.


  • This page was created by HailKyaBear, the founder of Shugabeats Egg's World.