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As soon as Frozt finished building the Rift Gate of Sketcheropolis, he returned to Dragonville without a trace. VuIcannaAshFan arrived and paid one etherium to activate the Gate and inevitably encountered a burst of chaos energy threatening to tear the city apart. Harry managed to protect her from the blast of chaos magic coming from the gate, but as soon as he was exposed to it, he took on a new form. At first Harry was unable to control his ability to summon miasmic ether, but he has learned to use it against evil with the help of a chromacorn dragon.

Rifted Harry's bio

Harry Donaldson is a character who appears in SamJoe404's Microsoft Sam's SUPER Errors & Signs series. He is the younger brother of Bernard and Billy Donaldson.



Normal form

Harry has light skin and short brown hair. He wears a dark blue scarf, a long-sleeved shirt, and jeans.

Rifted form

Rifted Harry's appearance is identical to his normal counterpart, but his hair is made of chocolate (made evident through his dripping hair) and his scarf trails off in a manner resembling a nebula. His eyes are usually purple with X-shaped pupils (eyes shift depending on what situation he is in or what emotion he feels) and he has starry, purple tears running down his cheeks.


  • His Rifted form and the bio for said form reference DragonVale's Rift element.
  • His current bio for his Rifted form mentions Frozt, a cold dragon who has built the Rift Gate for Sketcheropolis. Etherium (a currency used in the Rift) is also referenced in the bio, as well as the chromacorn dragon.