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Shugabeats Egg is a character created by HailKyaBear in late 2019. He is the main character of The Sketchers United Movie and The Timeline. Shugabeats Egg's World is named after him. Like Vulcanna Shep and Corded Zira, he is part of the OG Sketch Gang, a group consisting of characters HailKyaBear created back when Sony Sketch was still up.



Shugabeats Egg is a Shugabeats egg with a shell covered in green fur, a muted brown cap, and a pair of drumsticks. His eyes are green and he has a mouth.


Shugabeats Egg is usually courageous and happy, despite being uncomfortable with sitting next to Submarine Man in The Sketchers United Movie. He usually rolls when excited, but rolling is also his main mode of travel because as an egg, he has no legs or wings.


The Sketchers United Movie

Shugabeats Egg first appears in The Sketchers United Movie as the main character. He is part of the Prankshup Laber Gang, a group named after prankshup laber. In part 10 of The Sketchers United Movie, prankshup laber got arrested for causing a global catastrophe after traveling back in time with Shugabeats Egg to destroy all of prankshup laber's haters.

The Timeline

Shugabeats Egg appears in The Timeline as the main character to be first introduced. He is then succeeded by Necrozma from That Sheepish Necrozma, who is then replaced by prankshup laber and The Destroyer from Terraria.