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That Sheepish Necrozma (stylized as that sheepish necrozma!) is a series created by HailKyaBear. It is separated into two parts: That Sheepish Necrozma and Necrozma's Last Stand (stylized as necrozma's laust stond).


That Sheepish Necrozma

Necro and Ozma (whose names are a play on Necrozma's name) are in their hotel room with their recently obtained Ultranecrozium Z arguing over who gets to own the Z-Crystal until they realize that it has been possessed by shadow goo. The two brothers try to retrieve it, but as they chase the crystal out of their hotel room, Ozma comes in contact with the goo in the process. As they head into the hotel lobby, Necro and Ozma realize the Z-Crystal is gone and that there is no way to get it back. The two brothers head off to the movie theater, with Necro bringing some Rainbow Beans along with him to try and get rid of the shadow goo. Upon arriving into the theater and taking their seats, Stakka tells Necro that he cannot bring his own food into the theater. Ozma and Necro return to the hotel, and upon arriving at their room, Ozma has been fully corrupted. Necro tries to purify Ozma using items like a Max Potion, but the attempts were proven as futile. He then finds some Incense and uses it to purify his brother.

Necrozma's Last Stand

Necrozma continues his journey throughout Sketcheropolis and encounters prankshup laber and Soul Soil. When the three go out to eat at a restaurant, Soul Soil encounters Soul Sand and the two insult each other. When they head back out into the city, prankshup laber and Necrozma encounter Eternatus, who proclaims its vengeance on Sketcheropolis for the citizens' perceived sins.

While Necrozma is giving out a pro-Pink Sheep speech, he is interrupted by two nether wart blocks, prankshup laber, and Eternatus, disguised as Corded Zira. Necrozma and a Naganadel stop Eternatus, but Necrozma finishes Eternatus off with his Z-Move, Light that Burns the Sky.


  • Necro and Ozma - Two brothers who eventually fuse into a single entity named Necrozma at the end of That Sheepish Necrozma. Their names are a play on Necrozma's name.
  • prankshup laber - A paper sheep.
  • Stakka - A Stakataka with candy cane horns. He works as a staff member for the movie theater.
  • Soul Soil - A block of soul soil.
  • Soul Sand (character) - A block of soul sand.
  • Eternatus - The antagonist of Necrozma's Last Stand. It disguises itself as Corded Zira.