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The Lost Sketches is a PENUP film created by HailKyaBear. It centers itself on the adventures of Corded Zira, guythewhite360, and an incarnation of Vulcanna Ash as they find the missing sketches that power PENUP City.


"We might need to tread the city grounds with caution."
This section contains spoilers of a series.

The film begins with Corded Zira out in the city at night, attempting to find the PENUP City headquarters. After she rests on the streets, she finds the headquarters, only to realize that the TV is the only thing that is functioning. She turns on the TV and watches the news, whose anchor is an incarnation of Vulcanna Ash (known simply as Fake Vulcanna Ash). Corded Zira finds out that the power has mysteriously disappeared. She asks guythewhite360 about why the television is the only one that is functioning despite PENUP City having no power. They decide to head to the City of the Past and Present to find the missing sketches, but as guythewhite360 travels further into the city, a figure made of shadow goo follows her into the mall. She attempts to stop this by reversing the film's events and eventually ends up with Corded Zira in a building. As they get the final sketch and escape the building, they return to PENUP City, finally restoring its power.


  • Corded Zira - The main character of the film. She is first seen in the city at the beginning of the film.
  • guythewhite360 - The supporting character of the film. She, Corded Zira, and Vulcanna Ash travel to the City of the Past and Present to retrieve the missing sketches.
  • Vulcanna Ash - An incarnation of her appears in this film. She is the news anchor and joins Corded Zira and guythewhite360 on their journey to retrieve the missing sketches.