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The Sketchers United Movie (stylized as teh sketcherz united mubi in the original version) is one of VuIcannaAshFan's movies. It involved the Prankshup Laber Gang going on random adventures and defeating Submarine Man, Proto, Zira.exe, and Devin The Youtuber. The movie is written in pseudo-Prankshuplaberish, something that is later seen in later movies like That Sheepish Necrozma, The Destroyer is My Homie, The Bucko Bee Movie, and The PENUP Movie.


"We might need to tread the city grounds with caution."
This section contains spoilers of a series.


The movie begins with Shugabeats Egg and prankshup laber introducing themselves to each other. They later book a hotel room and plan on defeating Submarine Man if they see him at the movies. The two of them go to the movies, where they meet Corded Zira, a human-ghost hybrid; and Vulcanna Shep, a toaster-loving demon-sheep-dragon hybrid. Corded Zira manages to fend off Submarine Man with her cords and the team decides to celebrate by going to a restaurant. There, they encounter Guava Juice (known as guavs on ROBLOX), who was Shugabeats Egg's favorite YouTuber; and Proto, the mascot of the antivirus software Protegent. Vulcanna Shep finds herself sitting next to the latter and causes prankshup laber to clobber Proto. They later go to a school and hear Abby telling Microsoft Zira that she is theoretically seven years old and that she isn't supposed to be the teacher at that age. Microsoft Anna remarks about how she is going to turn 13 soon when Zira.exe goes on a sudden rant about how everyone in the classroom is a tretor pegin and that how they should die. prankshup laber then calls Zira.exe a tretor pegin, which causes her to declare that prankshup laber is the tretor pegin.

The Prankshup Laber Gang later returns to their respective hotel rooms; however, prankshup laber accidentally ended up in the wrong room and was pinned down by Vulcanna Ash. prankshup laber calls her a "tretor pegin" and said that she looks like one, causing her to reply that prankshup laber is a "tretor pegin." Shugabeats Egg later comes and saves prankshup laber from Vulcanna and they return to their room.

Meanwhile, Devin The Youtuber is watching Sam x Scotty fan videos when he gets a video call from Corded Zira. She tells him he is atrocious, which makes Devin reply to her that he is not atrocious and challenges her to a PvP battle. Corded Zira remarks about how Devin will lose and he calls her a noob. Corded Zira loses and cries in defeat, but is mocked by Devin, who won.

The Prankshup Laber Gang later went to the movies and saw Devin there. Purple Shep throws a toaster at him, blowing Devin to bits and they celebrate. The gang later traveled to the year 2010, where prankshup laber decided to destroy all of his haters. He later succeeded and they travel back to 2017. prankshup laber then got arrested for causing a global catastrophe and was awaiting trial, leaving the fate of the rest of the Prankshup Laber Gang to be decided.


The movie begins with Vulcanna Shep presenting her burger to Gala, who appears to reject the idea of her eating a "hambooger." Corded Zira goes to the kitchen and asks what is going on, and Cybersoft Sam and Teknineko Anna make plans to go to the store to buy stuff from Sketchmart.

The Crisis Team then hosts an election over what should be their new name. Vulcanna Shep brings in ballots and stuffs a large number of them into the box labeled "Toaster Heads." The Sketcheropolitans win and they then go to PENUP City to track down a ship with Logohemoth-chan and a bottle of shadow goo. Harry Donaldson encounters Logohemoth-chan in the PENUP City Mall and battles her. The Sketcheropolitans later hide in a hotel room, only to encounter Logohemoth-chan again. Logohemoth-chan flees, and the team tries to follow her so they can fight, but they encounter Billy Donaldson instead. After defeating Shadow Billy, the team has one last encounter with Logohemoth-chan. They battle her, win, and the movie ends.


  • Shugabeats Egg - A Shugabeats egg who can talk and make facial expressions. He is the first character to be introduced in the movie.
  • prankshup laber - A paper sheep. In teh sketcherz united mubi: meet shagabeats egg, he is introduced offscreen and later physically debuts in teh sketcherz united mubi: on the hunt for sub man.
  • Submarine Man - The persona for the music artist of the same name. He appears in teh sketcherz united mubi: dstrawing sub man, where he is defeated by Corded Zira and Vulcanna Shep.
  • Vulcanna Shep - A demon-sheep-dragon hybrid who loves toasters. She appears in teh sketcherz united mubi: dstrawing sub man, where she and Corded Zira defeat Submarine Man using their toasters and cords.
  • Corded Zira - A human-ghost hybrid. She appears in the sketcherz united mubi: dstrawing sub man, where she and Vulcanna Shep use their cords and toasters to get Submarine Man out of the movie theater. She lost to a PvP match with Devin The Youtuber.
  • Proto - The mascot of Protegent. First appeared in teh sketcherz united mubi: eradikating proto, where he sits next to Vulcanna Shep. In part 2 of eradikating proto, prankshup laber managed to get rid of Proto along with Corded Zira, who managed to defeat Proto.
  • Microsoft Zira - The school teacher. Appears in teh sketcherz united mubi: abawleching zira-chan, where she is called out by other davemadson characters for her apparent age and her occupation at the school.
  • Zira.exe - An evil version of Microsoft Zira. In teh sketcherz united mubi: abawleching zira-chan, she calls everyone in the classroom a tretor pegin, which causes prankshup laber to call her a tretor pegin.
  • Vulcanna Ash - A minor character who appears in the movie. She manages to knock out prankshup laber when he ends up in her room.
  • Devin The Youtuber - First appeared in teh sketcherz united mubi 7: reking of devin, where he gets a video call from Corded Zira and is challenged to a PvP battle, which he later won.
  • Kya Bear - Kya Bear's character, who is depicted as her old Sony Sketch OC.
  • Purple Shep - PinkSheep's son. He has a passion for toasters and is identifiable by his asymmetrical face and mustache.


  • Shugabeats Egg
  • Amethystis Zarines - A purple audysmal hailing from Musica. She can transform into her Synthy Form.
  • Corded Zira
  • Riley - A Riley Bee who is able to use her signature attack called Radical Red Ray.
  • Sakura - A pink-haired girl from Adopt Me Island who can use a variety of pink and cherry blossom-themed attacks to fight off scammers and corruption.
  • Harry Donaldson - The youngest of all three Donaldson brothers. He is seen in the film as his Rifted form.
  • Gala - A cyber angel who hails from the Republic of Penple.
  • Cybersoft Sam - A human-AI hybrid who is Teknineko Anna's best friend.
  • Teknineko Anna - A Teknikatgirl (Teknikat-human hybrid) with a zig-zag tail with a soft green orb.
  • Logohemoth-chan - A moe anthropomorphism of the Logohemoth. She is the main antagonist of the film.
  • Billy Donaldson - Bernard and Harry's brother. He is only seen in his Shadow form.


  • As of June 17, 2021, the posts were deleted by HailKyaBear. According to her, the script and spelling were "mediocre" and "wasn't up to par" with her current art[1].