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Volcorona Ash is one of the antagonists who appears mainly in JCtn6798's videos. She first appeared in The Adventures Of Microsoft Sam & His Friends Minisode 2: Vulcanna Ash's Revival, while she was first introduced in davemadson's videos in PBS Bloopers 36.




Volcorona has pinkish-red skin, dark purple hair and brown eyes with yellow sclerae. Her outfit is pink, with matching gloves and boots.

Shadow form (original)

Shadow Volcorona is largely similar to her normal form, but the only differences are that her hair has stars in them, her bangs cover her eyes, and her outfit is black with a pink outline. Her hair's outline is also pink as well.

Shadow form (redesign)

Shadow Volcorona's attire is similar to her normal form, but she now has large wings and a long tail that becomes a purple starlike material near the tip. Her tail's tip is shaped like a spear.


  • Like Vulcanna Ash, she is associated with the Terraprisma. However, Volcorona was only recently introduced to the weapon in March 2021 on PENUP, when an image of her and blue Terraprisma summons circling around her was posted (representing her taking on Ghazt's role from My Singing Monsters). The blue summons represent the snow biome in Terraria.