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VuIcannaAshFan is a Sketchers United user and the founder and bureaucrat of HailKyaBear's World Wiki. She originally joined Sony Sketch under the name ItsMeScotty360 and posted amateurish drawings of davemadson characters there. She also joined PENUP on September 14, 2019 originally under the name corded_zira.

Her characters

Her OCs may appear in the same universe her works take place in. For a full list of her characters, see List of HailKyaBear's characters.

  • piggochapstix - Her ROBLOX character. She is named after VuIcannaAshFan's ROBLOX account name of the same name.
  • Amethystis Zarines - VuIcannaAshFan's persona. Her abilities are mainly cyberpunk and synth-based, but the Spin Dash is one of the non-synth moves she can use.
  • Vulcanna Shep - VuIcannaAshFan's previous main OC as of now. She is based off of VuIcannaAshFan's interest in Purple Shep and Vulcanna Ash. Vulcanna Shep is a sheep-demon-dragon hybrid who is described as having an upside-down horn and a derped purple eye with a misaligned mustache on top.
  • Corded Zira - She is a human-ghost hybrid who is often seen with cords wrapped around her body, hence her name. She often uses her cords as a weapon as seen in teh sketcherz united mubi: dstrawing sub man.
  • Shugabeats Egg (not to be confused with the My Singing Monsters egg of the same name) - A Shugabeats egg with the ability to talk and make facial expressions. He is seen in teh sketcherz united mubi as the main character and The Timeline as a minor character.
  • Soul Soil - A block of soul soil whose real name is Hinota, a corruption of 魂の火 (romaji: tamashinohi, lit. 'soul fire'). He has two forms: a block form and a human form. His main abilities are pyrokinesis and transformation. He also has the ability to breathe soul fire and can consume soul fire as well as storing it.
  • guythewhite360 - OC who mainly appears on VuIcannaAshFan's PENUP account. She appears to be Guy the White but with eyelashes. She also has a corrupted form she can transform into either manually or from sources of corruption, as seen in the penup mubi 2: Corruption Part II. When corrupted, she has the power to use the Curse of PENUP City and summon corrupted lightning.
  • Sakura - A 16-year old girl whose goal is to save Adopt Me Island from the scammers running rampant amongst all the other players. Her signature color is pink and her favorite food is donuts. She was created in June 2020, making her the first character to be created on ROBLOX besides piggochapstix.