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Vulcanna Ash is one of the major antagonists of davemadson's LT Bloopers and a minor antagonist of Dave & Friends. She was reduced to the status of a mere mortal by Satan in davemadson's LT Bloopers 197: Challenge of Bloopers (Part 2). In The Return of Helena Stoker, she was executed after it was revealed she was still regarded as evil, but in Break in the Blooper Routine, she was revived after a threatened riot in Hades.

Gigantamax form

This is purely non-canon or fanon.

When she is Gigantamaxed, her ribbons increase in size and she gains a red outline resembling an aura of Gigantamax energy. Three red clouds circle the ribbon on her left horn when she activates her Gigantamax form. The ribbons seem to imitate Vulcanna's hand movements as seen in VULCANNA ASH. (her default form) and RIBBON LASH (where she uses her signature G-Max Move).

Her signature G-Max Move is G-Max Ribbon Lash, a damage-dealing Psychic-type move that confuses the opponent for three turns.



  • She is often associated with a Terraprisma and black ribbons. The ribbons have psychic powers and copy Vulcanna's hand movements. The ribbons are also said to conflict with the wearer's mind, which lasts until the wearer takes them off. In some of HailKyaBear's profile pictures, she is shown with a Terraprisma on her back.
  • Foolcanna is based off of her, from the flytrap-like plant to the name of the Fakemon itself.